On the 27-28th of June, the Stamegna Retail team organized the 2021 Stamegna Network - Middle East Health & Beauty Care and Food & Beverages Events in Dubai, on which occasion participants from 31 countries all around the globe have met and shared their export intentions and business ideas.

The Stamegna Retail FMCG Award is given to companies for one specific product or product line which has been voted as being particularly innovative. The products are elected by international buyers including large retail chain representatives and important key distributors attending the Events. 

This time, we are pleased to announce Salvatore Cosmetics as the Winner of the Most Innovative FMCG Product in The Health & Beauty Category, with their Moisturizing Hair Toner "Energy of Acai”.

Salvatore Group has a brilliant, motivating, and sensational history for all of us, that indeed is a true success story:

With more than 13 years of history, the dream of bringing transformation wherever they go, made them go beyond a simple production line, and so the industry opened up to a world of opportunities in front of them.

Salvatore has been in the market for over a decade, in the wholesale and retail sales segments, as well as providing services. It is teamed up with professionals with experience in services, negotiations, and customer service. A brand that is committed to beauty and healthy hair, offering customized solutions for each kind of client. Using high technology and sustainability, raw materials, and essential oils increase the power of the hair fiber without losing the essence of its natural flora.

Their winner product, the Moisturizing Hair Toner Intensive treatment replenishes lost nutrients after bleaching and completely restructures the fiber's inner layers. Its rich antioxidant composition and its shading micro-pigments prevent blondes from fading and increase color durability and intensity while delivering hydrated and strong hair with radiant shine. Plus nutrition, emollience, and conditioning to the hair are given due to the Acai super plant, that is originated from the Amazon, has a high concentration of antioxidants, and promotes a high anti-aging effect. It Is also rich in essential fatty acids, B complex (mainly B1 and B2), vitamin C, E, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Ideal for colored, gray, and bleached hair in different shades.

Salvatore Cosmetics operates throughout Brazil, and today, there are more than 50 countries served by the brand worldwide.


We wish for the winner, and all the brands success in the new markets and looking forward to seeing you all at our next events.

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