Attending one of our Events is Simple

It is supposed to be incredibly simple for our clients, otherwise what is the point for them to turn to us for their business process.

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1. Preregister

Fill out the brief preregistration from online or send us an email regarding your interest in registering.
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2. Complete Your Registration

A Stamegna Account Manager will contact you requesting you to fill out the full application form.
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3. Payment

You will receive an invoice from our finance department to cover registration fee. You are requested to make the payment based on the terms discussed with your account manager.
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4. Preparation

Our account manager will get in touch with you to prepare you for the show, providing you a detailed schedule and clearing any questions you may still have.
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5. Shipping

Unless you are bringing your samples with you you are advised to organise the shipping of your samples to the address provided under shipping in the location section. Please confirm the address and contact person with your account manager.
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6. Check-in

Check in to the hotel and to the event. Upon check-in at the Stamegna desk you will receive your folder with all event details. Our registration desk is usually placed close to meeting area of the hotel. If you have made an extra booking online for nights before or after the event please inform your account manager to avoid having to move during your stay.
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7. Set-up

Set up your display area with samples and promotional items in order to have everything ready for your meetings on the following day.
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8. Start Your Meetings

Start your 30 min private pre-scheduled meetings with buyers. Your schedule will be provided beforehand upon check-in.
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9. Network

Enjoy every opportunity to network and socialize with other attendees during our cocktails, dinners, business lunches and breaks.
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10. Wrap-up

After your last meeting wrap up your stand. Make sure to let our staff know if you need any samples stored for shipping.
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11. Follow-up

After your last meeting make sure to follow up with buyers who have shown an interest in your product in order to further develop a working relationship.
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12. Attend Stamegna again

You got new contacts and partners through Stamegna. Make sure you won't miss opportunities in other markets. Book your showplace for upcoming events.

Seems Easy! I’m ready to move on!